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How to Do a Narrow Grip Head to Toe Pose in Pole Dancing

Learn how to do a narrow grip head to toe pose in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


I'm going to demonstrate a style of pose that you can do from any point on the pole. It's a great pose to hold or it's also a great descent. It's very beautiful. Shows off the lines of your body, just overall aesthetically pleasing. So we're going to assume that you're perhaps at the top of the pole or maybe that you've at least climbed to level one. But right now I'll demonstrate it from the floor, so you can get a clear view of what I'm doing. My torso would be facing to the pole. My hands would be in my baseball grip. In this case, I'm in narrow grip.

My hands are at my chest, and again my left hand is on top, because I've assumed that I've climbed on my right. I'm going to squeeze my elbows into my sides, blocking my shoulders, pressing my chest into the pole. It's very important to think about engaging those shoulders, so that you don't end up in a perpetual pull-up position, which is very difficult for your body to hold. Pressing your chest into the pole, you're going to pick up one leg and bend it at the knee, arching back. Once you reach the ground, you can come out of it and then transition in any way you like.

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