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How to Do a Brynlyn Loomis Pole Dancing Routine

Learn how to do a Brynlyn Loomis routine in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


I'm going to be demonstrating just a basic climb and spin routine, with the climb and spin fundamentals of just a basic spin, some dance transitions and a basic climb. These are some basic things to focus on once you first begin pole dancing. A pole dancing routine doesn't have to have a lot of tricks in order to still give you a great workout, A. B, still be fun and C, you can share it with your friends, your boyfriend or whoever you would like. It still be fun, sexy and saucy without having to be too crazy, when you first start learning how to pole dance.

Some things to start thinking about is make sure that your hand is always high on the pole. That will elongate your lines, it'll make your body look longer, leaner. Also, it allows you to pull your hips away from the pole, which encourages the shapes in your body by emphasizing your hips. When you walk around the pole, you want to make sure that your chest is lifted, your shoulders are back and down. You're walking with a sense of pride and confidence.

Even if you don't feel so confident when you first start pole dancing, eventually you're going to start becoming more confident, even just by walking around the pole, and feeling what that feels like to walk with posture. You also want to make sure that when you're walking around the base of the pole that you're pivoting on the balls of your feet. Stepping on the balls of your feet as you pivot and turn.

If you walk heel/toe, heel/toe, it makes you look kind of clunky and heavy and it doesn't allow you to pivot as naturally as you walk. The other thing you want to think about too is music choices. Picking something that's nice and slow, so you can move slowly to it, so you can focus on the technique and move with fluidity, without the beats changing or having to emphasize faster beats. That can be a little bit overwhelming when you first start to pole dance.

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