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How to Do an Outside Knee Hang in Pole Dancing

Learn how to do an outside knee hang in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


This is an outside knee hang with an added back arch and head to toe grab, also known as the Marley. It's a very beautiful move, if you have back flexibility to showcase. It looks wonderful on the spinning pole and even better with two people. So one person will want to be near the top of the pole. They'll invert and hook their dominant outside leg hang leg. In my case that's my right leg,so I'll hook strongly at the knee.

I'll bring my lower leg into my thigh brace and from there, I'll take my top hand to grab my top foot, squeezing the pole with that top leg. This will help lock in that knee hang when I'm spinning. I'll start to open up my chest, pressing my lower leg into the pole and reach overhead for my foot to pull my head to my toe. Your lower spin partner will be the one to start the pole spinning and will compliment your move.

She'll take her leg into a high knee hang, grab the foot from behind the pole. Again, she probably would want to be on her dominant leg hang leg, since this a little bit scary to do. Hopefully, you both match up with the same leg hang legs. From there she's going to reach her torso away from the pole and here's the scary part. She's going to dive forward and hopefully her leg is going to hit the pole in a thigh brace.

One helpful tip for this. If it's the first time you're doing this particular kamikaze spin. You can have someone hold your hand and walk you into the spin. It's amazing how simple this is and makes it a lot less scary. Once she's spinning, she'll follow the same steps as her partner up above. To come out of it, again you'll release the foot, swing the leg back into the thigh brace, and you can climb up and over that outside leg hang leg.

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