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How to Do a Elbow Handstand Split in Pole Dancing

Learn how to do an advanced pole dance trick called the elbow handstand split in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


Hi, I'm Gabrielle, one of the U.S. PDF Pro Title holders, and I'm going to go over one of the compulsory requirements for the U.S. PDF Pros, the elbow handstand. The elbow handstand involves a push/pull technique. You're pushing with one arm and you're pulling with the other. If I were to do the elbow handstand on my right, know that I would be in adverted position. However, practice it on the floor first, so you can callus at the skin right at that elbow pit, and feel secure about lifting one foot up from the floor at a time.

My right arm, I'm hooking right at my elbow pit with my shoulder down, don't let the shoulder creep up towards your ear. Still blocking the shoulder, press it down. My bottom arm scoops under like I'm trying to create cleavage, like a kick stand on a bicycle pushing the pull away with that bottom arm. Top arm is pulling the pole towards my face, bottom arm is pushing the pole away, i'm trying to snap the pole right in between my arms.

Before you're ready to do this upside down, know that you can support yourself one leg at a time in a right side up position. With that push/pull I lean back even inverted, my hips will be away from the pole, and just practice one leg coming up at a time, leaning back away from the pole. Pulling with the top arm, pushing with the bottom arm. Then when you feel as though you're ready to even think about doing this upside down, you'll want to refer back to Bryn-Lynn's video, and just do a basic invert into an upside down climbing position, upside down double knee brace.

Your chest will be facing the pole, one arm will be under, one arm will be pulling. Now it's going to change. The direction will change, we'll be upside down. My right arm that was closest to the ceiling will then end up closer to the floor. Basic invert, chest facing the pole. I'm going to scoop my arms underneath me, right arm towards my chest, bottom arm scoops under. Sit the booty back towards the heels. Like I'm almost going to sit on my bum towards my heels and then spreading the legs at a nice straddle position.

Creating equilibrium with my toes slightly forward. Slightly piking at my hips. Really getting the hips away from the pole. I advise that you be nice and warmed up before you do this move, as well as have a crash mat down below and supervision. This is not a trick I would advise you to do on your own. Coming out of the trick, you go right back into that double knee brace, climbing foot brace position. Chest is facing the pole and you can descend from there however you wish, once you're your nice and safe with two legs on the pole.

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