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How to Do Advanced Pole Dancing Splits

Learn how to do advanced splits in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


Today we're going to learn an advanced pole split. We're going to do this on the stationary pole. You're going to go climb up the pole and you're going to sit back into your double knee brace, so squeezing the pole between your knees and sit back into your double-knee brace.

You're going to weave your body around the pole, so the pole is at the right of your waist and reach your left arm up to reach around and hook your left elbow on the pole. Now you're holding the pole with your elbow and pressing your waist into the pole. You're going to release your left leg from the pole and reach it out in front of you and grab that leg with your right hand. As you release your left leg off the pole, you're going to extend it behind you.

Now of course, you want to try to achieve the best that you can 180 degrees in this split. So you really want to think about that back leg and squeezing that back leg and reaching that leg nice and straight up to the ceiling and really using your right arm strength to pull that right leg into your chest, but nice and straight as well, because again we're trying to achieve a full split.

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