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How to Do an Advanced Side Split in Pole Dancing

Learn how to do an advanced side split in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


I'm going to show you an advanced pole move that you can perform either on a spinning pole or a static pole. It's very impressive on a spinning pole. You want to make sure you're really well warmed up. You can consult my video on how to get a better straddle, because we're going to be in a straddle split on the pole. So again, think about being really warmed up and it may be helpful to have someone spot you the first time that you do this.

So I have a particularly strong right leg hang, so I want to go with my dominant leg hang side. If you're more comfortable on the left, you'll want to do this with your left leg hang. So when thinking about that I'm going to actually use my left bicep grip to invert, so I can hook my outside leg, in this case, my right leg. So I bring myself into my left bicep grip, straddle invert, and hook my right leg. Squeezing behind the knee, I'm going to place my right hand above that right knee. I'm going to place my left hand lower in a push/pull, to help place the pole in a thigh brace on my left leg.

Using that push/pull I'll swing my left leg around, so that my ankle is now on the pole and that leg is straight in line with the pole. I can start to slide my legs down a bit to extend my top leg and hook it more at the heel, so that both of my legs are flat on the pole. I'll walk my hands down, keeping my torso reaching away, so that my weight is pulling away from the pole. Placing my hands around my hip bones, arching your back is often helpful. To come out of it, we walk your hands, then the top knee, hooking that leg and swing that left leg behind the pole again.

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