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How to Pick the Right Pole Dancing Shoes

Learn how to pick the right pole dance shoes in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


I'm here to talk to you about how to select the right pole shoe. Now as fabulous as all of these shoes may be, some are better for pole dancing then others. Typically, a mule style shoe does not work very well.Very easily, it can get thrown off of your foot as your spinning around the pole, inverting anything. It doesn't offer you a lot of safety, although it might look really pretty and make your legs look long. That's a nice shoe, but not good for pole dancing.

This is a pretty awesome shoe to look at, but not so much to dance in. It doesn't offer a strap. The pump style doesn't offer a strap across the top of the foot, helping the shoe to stay on, and also, all of the studs will probably fall off, if not scratch up your pole and you wouldn't really be able to use your shoe to help you climb or work the pole at all.

This shoe right here, in my opinion, is the ideal shoe to dance in. You can do gun shots and you save your pedicure. It helps you climb the pole, whether you're sticking with your ankle, the inside of your foot, whatever. It gives you that extra added grip that you might need. This is a great shoe. However, your feet will sweat like a beast in these. That's the one downfall and they take a minute to put on.

This shoe here is a really, really great shoe. It offers some ankle support or it at least helps to keep the shoe on the ankle, and it also offers just a little bit of the patent leather that also gives you a little bit of a stick to the pole when you're climbing and doing certain tricks, where you're kind of weaving you legs around the pole.

So this is a nice shoe. This is 6 inches. They do come in 7 or 8 inches and those are great too. However, the taller that they are the more balancing act that it becomes a little bit. So it makes it a little more tricky, but still all along making your legs look really fabulous. This is a 7 inch and this is another really great shoe to dance in. If you're ready to go up that extra inch, this is a great shoe.

The plastic also helps you stick somewhat to the pole. I find the plastic takes a little bit of time to kind of stretch out and be comfortable on your foot, but once it does it fits you like a glove, which is really nice. The shoe I'm wearing here is pretty hot, in my opinion. It's very comfortable.
However, it's made of leather and more than likely the first time I catch the pole on it's going to rip the leather and then it's going to look like crap.

So I would suggest these shoes for possibly just some simple floor work or just dancing around the pole or a night out on the town or maybe a photo shoot. But probably not the overall pole dancing where you're doing acrobatics and all that other fabulous stuff with the pole. So ideally these three shoes are going to be your number one choice when selecting a pole shoe.

This depends on your preference, whether you want 7 inches, plastic, and the 6 inches also, comes in plastic and the 7 inches also comes in patent leather. You have a plethora. It's wonderful. So good luck finding the right shoe that's for you. That works for you for pole dancing and just make sure you have a nice pedicure if your toes are exposed.

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