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How to Pick the Proper Dance Pole

Learn how to pick the proper dance pole in this Howcast video featuring NY Pole Dancing pros.


How to pick the proper pole for you and what you need it for, basically you have two options. I'm going to point out my two best options, that I personally like. You have the X-Stage Lite, which is a 40 mm pole, but they do make them in 45, as well. It's quite stable and the pole is I believe, about nine feet tall, so it's fairly high.

Then you have your one-piece poles, which are made by Platinum Stages and those are as high as your ceilings are. You have them custom cut to whatever your ceiling height is. Now which pole is best for you? If you own a studio or you're running pole dancing classes, I would highly recommend to invest in the one-piece poles.

Very, very important, they're going to be your safest bet and the easiest and most stable, and people are probably going to feel the most secure on them, especially new pole dancers. The X-Stage Lite is really great for a lot of things. If your ceiling height is too high and it goes beyond twelve feet, X-Stage is a really really great choice for you.

If you want to pole dance outside, which every pole dancer seems to want to do it's really great for that as well. The Platinum Stages poles is a tension rod and braces itself between the floor and the ceiling, so it needs to have a ceiling. So that one you're not going to be using outside. There are also... We, I don't. There are also options to choose, as far as how big the pole is and what's best for you.

They make them in 50, 45 and 38 and sometimes 40. My X-Stage Lite is 40, which is really great, it's in between that 45 and 38. The 38's are really good for spinning. It's really easy to get a great grip with your hand with that pole, so the smaller the pole the more secure you're going to feel when you have to wrap your hands around it.

When you do inversions it gets a little tricky, because it is kind of like "Where's the pole," because it's so thin. So the 45's are really great because it's that middle of the road, you definitely can still get your hand around it. Your thighs can easily get around it when you're doing inversions. The 50 is good. It's a little old school. Not many companies are really making a lot of those anymore.

I think mainly they are going with 45's and lower. But the 50's are good too, definitely when you do inversions there's no question about where the pole is. Which is really nice, but if you're a small woman, maybe 5' 4" and under, it's going to be tough to get your hand around there and feel really secure. If you're looking for a pole for your home, I would either suggest the X-Stage Lite or a tension rod that is multi-piece.

That will give you the option to move it from room to room if the ceiling heights are different, take it to a friends house, to break it down and put it away so nobody sees it. Those poles are good for that. But if you have the option to have a one-piece pole in your home, maybe you own your home and you know it's going to stay in your basement and the ceiling height isn't going to change, you would maybe want to consider a one-piece pole.

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