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How to Do Pole Dancing Exercises with Wendy Traskos

Learn about NY Pole Dancing founder Wendy Traskos in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Wendy Traskos and I'm the co-founder of the US PDF. I'm also the co-creator of Climb & Spin, Pole Dance Education and I'm also the owner of New York Pole Dancing. I've been pole dancing for over 10 years and one thing that I absolutely love about pole dancing is its functional resistance training. It also incorporates flexibility, coordination, endurance training and these are all things that women need in their lives, especially resistance training.

You can find out more about competing with US PDF by going to or you can find out more about taking classes at New York Pole Dancing at I'm very proud and excited to have with me today three certified Climb & Spin Instructors and US PDF pros, Gabrielle Dallaire, Brynlyn Loomis and Lara Michaels. Today we're going to teach you a variety of pole dancing moves and tricks and stretches, so I hope you're ready.

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