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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 4 - Harvest the Jungle

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through Harvest the Jungle Mission


Dennis: Nice ride, huh?

Jason: It's done.

Dennis: Good. Show me your map. You see? Everything you need to know has been revealed by the radio tower. Shops, adventures, the island calls to you. And, like you, Jason, the shopkeepers are from the outside. They will use the radio towers to do business and reward you with weapons for every tower you free. A true warrior must hunt. It is the natural order of things. Look at the map, select your hunting ground. Do not fear your instincts. Society has taught you how to fail, not nature.

Jason: Here.

Dennis: Now if you want to save your friends, you must know the jungle. Animal skins and leather will allow you to carry many weapons and equipment. Plants can be mixed to create potent medicines that heal you, enhance your senses and more. Go. Return to me once you have mastered the jungle.

Jason: What does that mean? What am I supposed to do?

Dennis: Listen to your instincts.

Jason: Bring back plants and animals. But which ones? Yes. All right. You can do this.

Jason: Dennis, I've got the plants and animals.

Dennis: Good. Then bend nature to your will. I will teach you. Now use the plants you found to craft two syringes. Good, Jason. You may even find more powerful plants out in the woods, if you are lucky. Now, use the skins of the animals you killed to enlarge what you can carry. Crafting will allow you to carry more weapons, money, loot, and syringes. Yes, one last thing. The tatau on your arm, it is a sign that you are special, that you have the soul of a warrior. You progressed along the path. Let me show you how to add to them. With each tatau, a skill is mastered. You can choose to learn skills in three different areas. Now, I will teach you the take down. It is done. As you become stronger with each new skill you learn, the tatau will grow. Choose another. You have done well, Jason. The tatau...

Man: Hey, Felipe. We're driving to the outpost near Amanaki. We have one of the Americans. Come have some fun.

Jason: What the hell?

Liza: No!

Jason: Liza!

Man: Oh, shit.

Jason: We have to get her back.

Dennis: Come. Follow.

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