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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 5 - Secure the Outpost

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through Secure the Outpost mission


Jason: What's this outpost they've taken Liza to?

Dennis: The outpost are strongholds found throughout Rook Island. Vaas's pirates hold them to control the surrounding area.

Jason: So we're heading into a fight?

Dennis: Yes, a worthwhile one. Rescuing your friend will kill two pigs with one stone. We are at war with Vaas. Taking outposts from the pirates is key to reclaiming the island. We conquer one for the Rakyat the area becomes safer. This means faster travel for everyone, and new opportunities to develop your skills as a warrior.

Jason: Who's in the truck?

Dennis: Rakyat warriors. The true Rakyat, who live at the heart of the island. The Tatau will help them to trust you.

Jason: Look. I appreciate your help, but I just want to save Liza and find my friends, and my brother.

Dennis: This is the only way to get them back alive. You escaped the slave camp, you survived. It is time to fight. We are all equal Jason. The difference lies in those who do not act. That is the difference.

Jason: All right. Let's do this.

Dennis: Like you. I was once a stranger here. You are not alone my friend. We will wait for you to begin the attack.

Man 1: Jason, Dennis has given you the Tatau. Now you must fight. You can attack them quickly, pick them off from a distance or sneak on. It is your choice.

Jason: Liza, I'm coming.

Pirate: Fucking rebels. Let them keep the shit hole! I'm hit.

Jason: Liza, I'm here.

Pirate: I'm hit! Suck on this!

Tatau Warrior: They are all dead.

Jason: Liza where are you? Everything's going to be okay Liza! They're all gone! You're safe now! She's not here.

Pirate 1: The outpost near Amanaki is under attack. Where is the American prisoner?

Pirate 2: We lost here.

Pirate 1: What?

Pirate 2: She escaped on the est side of the fucking island. I'll tell you about it when we get there.

Jason: She escaped.

Tatau Warrior 1: Jason, you are worthy of the Tatau.

Tatau Warrior 2: Worthy to walk the Path of the Warrior.

Dennis: We found one of your friends at the colonist's house. Doctor Earnhardt to the West. But do not worry, it is safe there. The Dorctor will be waiting for you.

Jason: To the West? Did he tell you which friend?

Dennis: No, but we will keep continuing our search for the others. I will radio you if we hear more. Keep your head up Jason. The tribe is very impressed with you.

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