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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 6 - Mushrooms in the Deep

Check out part 7 of this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through Mushrooms in the Deep mission


Dr. Earnhardt: See anything you fancy? I like the red ones myself. The purples will give you a lift on a grey day. Everything is excellent, really Oh, not the yellows, don't take them. They're liable to kill you. The mix is not quite right. Well, that said, Dr. Earnhardt here, Dr. in and out, as the case may be.

Jason: Yeah, I'm Jason. Dennis said you'd be able to help me. That you'd found one of my friends.

Dr. Earnhardt: One of your friends? I'm distilling a batch later today.

Jason: What?

Dr. Earnhardt: Oh, you mean the girl, Daisy?

Jason: Oh, it was Daisy.

Dr. Earnhardt: I assumed you to be speaking in code.

Jason: Where is she?

Dr. Earnhardt: Well, she's in my house, sir. Here.

Jason: She's burning up.

Dr. Earnhardt: Yes, of course. When I found her, she had cut her arm, which in itself would be no cause for alarm but she had cut through a field of Antiaris toxicaria. Upas trees, highly posionous latex. I have been administering an antidote each hour. I'm afraid hat another dosage may be required. I did just examine the box.

Jason: It's empty. Where should I go for more?

Dr. Earnhardt: Set us up with a couple of cave mushrooms, and we will be right as rain. Peruse the cliffs to the west.

Jason: Thank you, Doctor. I'm sorry for the rush.

Dr. Earnhardt: Think nothing of it. The first must live, for you and me both.

Jason: These cliffs aren't west. Great. He didn't mention the cave was underwater. This crazy doctor better know what he's doing. Leap of faith.

Whoa. What the hell? This is new.

Dr. Earnhardt: I like the red ones myself. You are awake. Well, not all of you.

Male 1: The jungle speaks only through the warrior. The Path leads to the heart of the jungle.

Liza: The studio called. I got the role!

Jason: What about the rest of our vacation?

Liza: I thought we could talk about this like grown ups.

Jason: Liza, we're in Bangkok together and I can't believe how beautiful you are.

Male 2: Do you want me to split you two like I did your friends?

Jason: I promised Dad I'd take care of you both.

Liza: Riley's your little brother. He looks up to you.

Riley: Hey, J. You're gonna come to my pilot ceremony next month, right?

Jason: Sorry, I'm busy. Dr. Earnhardt? Hello?

Male 3: What are you afraid of? You're a natural with a gun.

Jason: Grant? The mushrooms!

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