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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 7 - Mushrooms in the Deep

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through Mushrooms in the Deep mission


Jason: There they are. Woah! How long was I down there?

Dr. Earnhardt: Oh Jason, what a pleasant surprise. I whipped up a coupld of high notes since you were gone. Oh yes and the girl is now awake. Terrible fever however. What did I do with the buggers? Oh yes. I finished them off.

Jason: I have the mushrooms.

Dr. Earnhardt: Delightful. Give them to me. I need a couple to prepare the medicine. Go check on her.

Daisy: Jason.

Jason: How are you feeling?

Daisy: You got away. That's how I'm feeling.

Jason: That doctors a real trip.

Daisy: Oh he, he's harmless. He's kind of sweet actually. He carried me here. I escaped from the convoy. At some point I passed out. The doctor save me.

Jason: I'm glad you made it. It's been really rough.

Daisy: Jason, what's wrong?

Jason: Grant, he uh ...

Daisy: Stop.

Jason: Daisy.

Daisy: No.

Jason: I'm so so sorry.

Daisy: So ... so that's it?

Jason: I uh ...

Daisy: What's this?

Jason: Are you going to be okay? I've got to talk to the doctors about the others.

Daisy: Yeah.

Jason: You sure?

Daisy: Go. Jason. Whoever did this. Whoever killed Grant. He deserves to die.

Jason: Can I talk to you?

Dr. Earnhardt: By all means.

Jason: I want to thank you, for saving her.

Dr. Earnhardt: Think nothing of it.

Jason: Three of my friends and my little brother are missing. When I find them, can I bring them here?

Dr. Earnhardt: Absolutely not. I can not afford to have Vaas's captives here. His men buy products from me.

Jason: Then this is the safest place. He won't think to look for them here.

Daisy: Please, doctor. Let him bring the rest here. They'll die otherwise.

Dr. Earnhardt: Agnes! How can I refuse you? Of course, they can stay. Oh, I'm going to need a double dosage to calm my nerves.

Daisy: I'll be fine.

Jason: Wait here, all right? I'm going to find the others?

Dennis: Jason, did you find your friend?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. She's fine. Thank you, Dennis.

Dennis: You made this happen. Not me. It is your victory.

Jason: Where are the others? Is there a way I can search for them? Anything to help me find them?

Dennis: You know, Jason, the pirates use a satellite dish for communication on the Medusa. You could enter the com room and listen in on the signal.

Jason: What's the Medusa?

Dennis: A ship that has been beached nearby.

Jason: With pirates guarding it.

Dennis: The Path of the Warrior, Jason. Train your body and your mood will follow. The tatau will bring you closer.

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