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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 9 - Playing the Spoiler

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Playing the Spoiler mission


Jason: What's happened?

Dennis: Vass prepares to attack our village. He is gathering weapons even as we speak now.

Jason: My friends are in trouble too.

Dennis: What did the message say?

Jason: They've been taken to somewhere called P.C. Vaas is going to ransom them and then sell them anyway.

Dennis: Well, this is good then. You have time.

Soldier: Jason, please. Fight for us. The Aakyat will be murdered. If you can sabotage the weapons, It'll weaken Vaas. He'll be easier to kill.

Jason: I'll do it.

Dennis: Ah! I knew we could count on you.

The pirates stock weapons in the logging camp in the jungle. Shut off the alarm first, okay? If it is triggered, they will secure the weapons shed. Steal the explosives, then destroy the weapons. You got that?

Jason: Okay.

Dennis: Good luck!

Jason: Here's the camp. Now for the alarm.

Pirate: Too damn hot!

Someone just fucking [inaudible 00:03:09]

Pirate 2: Now what the hell was that, man?

Fucking devil! [inaudible 00:04:38]

What the fuck is that smell?

Jason: No more reinforcements.

Pirate: Fucking rebels! Let them keep this shithole!

Pirate 2: I'm getting the shakes out here. Gonna need another hit soon.

Pirate 1: What?

Pirate: Whoa!

I hate it! Who's doing that?

Too damn hot!

Something just...!

Wha...! Protect the sheds!

Whoa! The shed's exploded!

Jason: Boom.

[inaudible 00:07:20]

Pirate: You'll fucking die out here, asshole!

[inaudible 00:07:36]

Pirate: Oh, son of a bitch!

[inaudible 00:08:05]

Where's my freakin' bullets?!

I'm the [inaudible 00:08:18]

Pirate: I see him. Don't let me die [inaudible 00:08:34]

Dennis: Jason, a fine piece of work. Now, tell me about your friends.

Jason: The radio said Vaas was recording ransom videos at P.C.

Dennis: P.C. Pirates Cove, but we call it Sunset Cove. That's one of their prisons.

Jason: Got it.

Dennis: Remember, Jason, the strength you receive from the Path will help you succeed.

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