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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 11 - Prison Break-In

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Prison Break-In mission


Jason: Now where're the ransom videos being shot?

Man 2: Try and keep out [inaudible 00:00:11]

Man 3: [inaudible 00:00:14] is down.

Man 4: You're in for a world of pain.

Man 5: [inaudible 00:01:07]

Jason: Liza, I'm coming!

Man 4: You're in for a world of pain?

Man 6: I can't believe you cut me.

Jason: Liza. Holy shit.

Liza: Fuck...fuck you.

Jason: I'm coming, Liza! It's a video. She's not here.

Liza: Please. No.

Vaas: I want you to say, "Mom, Dad."

Liza: Mom, Dad.

Vaas: I love you.

Liza: I wanna go home.

Vaas: That's very nice. I want you to do it again.

Liza: No.

Vaas: With more emotion. You can do it, honey. Come on.

Liza: No.

Benjamin: Yo, Vaas. The Brody boy's just raped the comm room at the Medusa.

Vaas: Benjamin, Benny, Ben, I'm directing this film right now, okay?

Benjamin: You need to get out of here, man. Those fucking idiot cops mentioned your name on the radio...

Vaas: Could you please stop swearing, okay? We are in the presence of a lady actress.

Liza: Fuck...fuck you.

Vaas: Fuck me? Did you see what you just did? You just turned my actress against me. Now get the fuck out of here. Diappear. I wanna apologize for my friend and his complete lack of tact, okay? This guy's a complete asshole. We're gonna win the Oscar for this, okay?

Liza: No.

Vaas: Tears. That's right. Keep going.

Jason: Vaas, where are you?

Man 7: We'll take you to him.

Vaas: Who give you that ink? Hmm? I asked you a question. Who give you think? Hmm? Citra give you that ink? My sister give you that ink? Huh? You think that makes you one of us? You think that makes you like me? Huh? California boy has got a hard-on for jungle fever. I'm gonna drive a bullet through my sister's skull, like I did your brother, Grant.

Jason: Fuck you.

Vaas: You are angry, Jason. You are angry. Okay. I get that. I get it. I mean, without family, who the fuck are we? There was a time I would do anything for my sister. Even the first time I killed was for my sister. But that was not enough for her. No, no, no, no, no, please. You see, the thing about our loved ones, right, our fucking loved ones, they come and they blindside you every fucking time. So they say to me, they say, Vaas, Vaas, Who the fuck is it going to be? Them or me? Me or them? Like, like, you know, like they fucking think that I need to make a fucking choice. By the way, this lighter really sucks. You know, so much for poetics. It's really too bad to see Citra had to ink you up because now the only way to kill you is to erase you completely. Shh, it's okay. Don't cry. It's okay. Jason, I swear to God, man, It's truly beautiful that you are willing to die for the one you love.

Liza: No! No! Jason, no! No! No! No! Jason! Jason! No! No! Jason!

Jason: Shit. Liza, I'm coming!

Liza: Jason! Where are you?

Jason: I'm on my way. Oh, no. This place is coming down. I've got to shoot the pipes. There's fire everywhere. Liza, I can see the door. I'm coming!

Liza: Help! Jason!

Jason: Don't worry.

Liza: It's getting closer!

Jason: Not that way. Definitely not that way. I can't take any more of this heat. Shit!

Liza: Help! Jason!

Jason: Stay calm, Liza. I'm coming!

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