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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 13 - Meet Citra

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Meet Citra mission


Jason: Hello?

Dennis: Jason, I have tried to reach you many times. What happened?

Jason: Vaas captured me. I made it out with Liza, but he still has the others. I'm not strong enough to get them out.

Dennis: You need the power to defeat Vaas. I can not provide such strength, but there is someone who can, Citra. You are ready. You must go to her.

Jason: Who is she?

Dennis: Citra is the leader of our people. She can guide you to the center. She will reveal to you true power. Her temple is in the jungle. I will meet you at the gates.

Jason: All right. What have I gotten myself into?

Dennis: Jason! Stand still. In plain view. No sudden moves, okay?

Guard: Dennis! Who stands besides you?

Dennis: A young warrior, here to be presented to Citra.

Guard: Proceed.

Dennis: Follow me. Over here, stay close.

Guard: Dennis, you brought an outsider in here?

Dennis: I have found one who will not fail.

Guard: Get back.

Citra: Berhenti! Let me see your arm.

Dennis: This is Jason, the one I have been telling you about.

Jason: Hi.

Citra: Do they teach you to speak without permission in America?

Jason: No, I learned that in France.

Citra: Senapnaka bawa. You are brave to joke in the face of death. Fine work. I'll give it back to you after I cut it off! I thought you liked jokes? Very few outsiders have seen this temple. The inner courtyard, fewer still. Why are you here?

Jason: I need the strength to defeat Vaas and save my friends.

Citra: Is that all? I will not command my army for you. You are a lamb. Not one of us.

Jason: Well then I will become a warrior.

Citra: Very funny. Please leave.

Jason: He took my brother!

Citra: Vaas did?

Jason: And I will do anything to get him back.

Citra: Barikansa herbs. Bring me what has been lost and we'll talk.

Dennis: Wow. Yes, Citra saw the fire in you.

Jason: What does she mean? Bring her what has been lost?

Dennis: Drink and you will find an answer.

Jason: Is this stuff dangerous.

Dennis: You are speaking out of fear. Do you desire the power to save your friends?

Jason: Yes.

Dennis: Then drink. We spend our whole lives holding back. Imagine how quickly you can succeed if you just take what you want.

Jason: Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh no, no, no, no, no! Oliver? Keith? Riley? Where am I? Wait! What the hell? What?

Man: I'll take you bloody if I like. I like my meat rare. This is some fucked up foreplay, huh? You are so close to the end, come on! End it!
You want to work for me, kid, you have to follow my orders.

Jason: I saw my friends and my little brother, Riley. And then I followed a man in a white suit. I saw a shantytown, a bar. It was dark and dingy. And ...

Dennis: And an ancient knife?

Jason: An ancient knife with a decorated blade. How did you know?

Dennis: You talk in your sleep. There is a shantytown to the east in pirate territory.

Jason: Okay. Then that's where I'm headed.

Dennis: Oh, but the town is big. How are you going to find a knife?

Jason: Simple. I'll start with the man in white.

Dennis: Farewell brother.

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