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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 14 - Bad Side of Town

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Bad Side of Town mission


Jason: This town, it's the one from my dream. Doesn't seem to be doing too well.

Man 1: It's easy. You just have to let go.

Jason: That's the place. I've got to find the men in white.

Man 2: Did you hear about Snow White?

Man 3: Shut up about Snow White. Every time you tell this story, we're playing.

Man 4: Snow White escapes from Vaas' prison camp. Next thing you know, he's killing
guys with a machete.

Man 2: Awe, that's the worst version of the story I ever heard. You ruined the drama.

Man 4: Sounds like Hoyt needs to step in, if it's true.

Man 2: Hoyt would make quick work of the guy, that's for sure. Probably kill him with his own machete.

Man 3: He already did the owner of the mine. Hoyt's an artist. He'll kill this one special. Am I right?

Man 4: What'd you say he looked like again?

Jason: All in.

Willis: Nice play.

Jason: That's the guy from my vision. He's going to lead me to Keith and Oliver. That man's the key to this. I know it. Can't let him see me.

Man 5: Goddamn it. Don't get ahead of yourself. Just take care of one problem at at a time. Besides, it might rain soon. The season isn't completely done yet.

Man 6: So what's the plan? [inaudible 00:02:57]

Man 5: You do what you want. But me, I don't need to piss off the [inaudible 00:03:04].

Jason: I gotta stay on him.

Man 5: I'll be happy if I just make it through this year alive.

Willis: You have that info about your johns?

Woman 1: I wrote it out. It's not that often I get to hold a pen. So much for English school.

Jason: I gotta keep up with him.

Willis: Here's your money.
[foreign language 00:03:33]

Woman 2: Hey. Fucky-fucky, sucky-sucky? Those words interest you?

Man 6: I'm working tonight.

Woman 2: We all are, baby.

Man 7: Come on. Where's my fucking money?

Woman 1: I'm sick.

Man 7: I don't fucking care, troll.

Jason: I've got to stay on him.

Man 7: Why are you holding out on me?

Woman 1: I don't feel good.

Man 7: You want some medicine?

Woman 1: Please don't.

Woman 3: Hey, mister.

Man 7: Feel better?

Woman 3: One last blowjob before you die?

Man 7: Fucking kill you.

Woman 5: Hi. You want some company? I won't bite, unless you want me to. You like what you see?

Jason: I've gotta keep up with him.

Willis: Keep it together old man. Nothing out there but ghosts. You have 10 seconds to tell me who you are before I remotely detonate the C4 under the table and this whole place explodes like a pop bottle.

Jason: Jesus.

Willis: I doubt it. Five seconds.

Jason: Jason. Jason Brody!

Willis: Really?

Jason: Yes.

Willis: So you're Snow White?

Jason: Yes or no? Which one gets me blown up?

Willis: A pragmatist. Promising, but do you consider yourself a patriot, Mr. Brody? Thing is, the real patriot doesn't just put his hand on his heart while holding a hot dog at the ball game. That's a gosh darn cakewalk, pardon my French. The real Patriot suckles at the teat of Lady Liberty. Upon hearing of the death of a brother at war, the real patriot asks, "Did we win?" and then rejoices at the pronouncement of victory. So are you a real patriot or one of those Walt Whitman hippies who cries when the jeans store runs out of pocket squares?

Jason: A real patriot.

Willis: Bingo. That's what I like to hear. By the way, Vaas has your friend Oliver Carswell, and I'm zeroing in on Keith Ramsay.

Jason: Why are you looking for them?

Willis: It's my job to know this island inside and out. I can help you, but you gotta play the game. There's something I'm looking for. We'll trade favors.

Jason: Deal.

Willis: Jason.

Jason: What are you? Some kind of spy?

Willis: I'm not gonna confirm or deny that. Just messing with ya. I work for Langley, Agent Willis Huntley.

Jason: Oh, great. I need to get help from the Army and the Government.

Willis: You can't. I'm embedded, not really in contact with Central Intelligence.

Jason: So you're alone here?

Willis: No. You kidding? I've got a whole team. They're out in the field, but they'll be back. These scans they sent have opened up a Grade-A can of worms. I can't talk to you about it, but trust me, it's big.

Jason: Sounds huge.

Willis: I need more info, though, from the source. Flammenwerfer. Flamethrower. This beauty was invented in Krautland.

Jason: Uh...

Willis: Hoyt Volker is the boss of a very good friend of yours, Vaas. He also happens to run the largest slave trading ring in the South Pacific. On top of that, he grows drugs. If we set fire to his fields and his boat, he's gonna canoe over to this island. I get what I want, and we learn more about your friends. Kapeesh? I feel like that's only an Italian thing, only Italians can say that. It's like spraying furniture gold. You know what I mean? Anyway, here's the gun.

Jason: Wow. Thanks.

Willis: That's what I like to hear. Don't forget the boat.

Jason: Yeah, I got it. I'm trusting you on this thing with Hoyt.

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