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How to Show a Pet Rat

Learn how to show a pet rat in this Howcast rat video featuring veterinarian Anthony Pilny.


The pet rats come in a number of different varieties and they are by no means an animal that doesn't get into the show circuit. There are pet rat shows. There are organizations that actually have pet rat shows, where different types or different varieties of rats are brought. They're exhibited. They're judged and they are awarded based on their appearance.

Because some of the organizations have helped us classify varieties of rats, they've further helped us classify these rats into different color varieties, and then we've named these color varieties. Examples would be Himalayan or Siamese or Blue-Hooded. We've had these descriptive terms that we fit with color patterns that may apply to other animals, but also color patterns that have been described to fit with pet rats, then we develop standards for them.

So it is possible that breeders may produce a rat that is considered to be show quality and that the rat may be taken to a rat show, where they're put on display and they're judged for very specific characteristics of their appearance. Then it's possible that they may win a trophy or an award for their appearance. You'd have to go online, check with local rat groups or check for rat shows to happen to find out if you can attend one of these and observe what happens.

People who are familiar with large dog shows or even cat shows, it's basically a similar type of exhibition, a similar type of judging. It's based on a very specific set of criteria and then in these particular cases, some of these rats may actually win a ribbon or may be awarded as a show champion.

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