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Male vs. Female Pet Rats

Learn the differences between male and female pet rats and how well they get along together in this Howcast rat video featuring veterinarian Anthony Pilny.


When choosing to adopt or own a new pet rat you may be faced with a
decision of whether you have a personal preference for a male over a female
rat. In general, the decision may be based on if you have other rats and
you want to introduce another on one to them or if you happen to have a
single rat and you'd like to acquire a second rat.

In most cases, opposite sex rats do better together. In a lot cases as well,
females do really well together. The only instance that may become a bigger problem
is when two male rats are living together. Two or more male rats are living together
there may be issues related to hormonal fighting, territory, issues
relating to dominance type of behavior.

In most cases, we recommend that rats be spayed or neutered and that eliminates
a lot of these problems.Certainly spaying and neutering your rats will eliminate
concerns related to reproduction but also help remove those hormonal desires for dominance
type of behaviors. We definitely recommend neutering rats that may be
biting. That may be an aspect of their behavior and it may control it once
that testosterone urge is gone. But also spaying and neutering them is
going to allow them to live more peacefully in community. It's going to allow
males, in most cases, to live together, and so the choice as far as
personality may be a personal one. There may not be a big difference.

It has been said that sometimes male rats may be a little more laid back.
Their personality may be a little bit calmer than a female but most people
that have owned rats and own males and females, have found that equally
males and females may be as affectionate or equally may be not as
affectionate. So there isn't a huge difference in choosing the sex to own.
The big difference is going to be related to how they live together in
community, how they cooperate living together, and whether there's just a
personal preference on owning them.

In most cases, owning a pair of rats it's probably better to stick with owning a pair of opposite sex or two females or having them spayed and neutered and not having to worry as much
about issues related to hormonal behaviors.

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