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Hairless vs. Furry Pet Rats

Learn about the differences between hairless and furry pet rats from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast rat video.


One of the varieties of rats are hairless rats. And, these are rats that basically, as the name implies, don't have any fur on their bodies.

Oftentimes, the only hair that they have is going to be their whiskers. Or, they may have small patches of hair in certain parts of the body. But, for the most part, they are completely hairless.

Owning or choosing to have a hairless rat is just basically contingent on a person's preference. There are many people who just think they're unique. They're unusual. They have a certain visual appeal for them and they choose to want to own a hairless rat purely out of a choice to own something a little bit more unusual.

There is really no major difference between hairless and furred rats as far as personality. There is really no difference with them as far as a choice as to whether to own a male or female. Owning a hairless rat purely comes down to the choice or the desire to have a little bit more of a unique type of rat.

It's important to remember that those rats that don't have hair, don't have that fur to cover them. That they are more prone to getting skin trauma. Minor scratches. And they also feel hotter to the touch. Their skin is almost like a, sort of a warm, thicker, almost leathery type feel that doesn't appeal to a lot of people.

So, owning a hairless rat is purely a choice to have one of the more unique varieties of rat. There isn't a big difference in their personality. There isn't a big difference in them other than the fact that they look unusual.

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