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What Are Pet Rat Meetup Groups?

Learn about pet rat meetup groups from veterinarian Anthony Pilny in this Howcast rat video.


So if you're interested in rats, and you love them, and you open your home to having rats. Or you're just interested in learning about them. Check in your community and see if there's a local, perhaps, meet-up group. Or if there's an organization of pet rat owners that is formed.

Or if you're a rat owner and you know other people are interested, start a rat club on your own. A lot of times rat clubs and rat organizations are set up for people to have a network. For people to get to know other people that have a joint interest in keeping pet rats.

And also as a means of sharing information and being able to meet with like-minded people to discuss rat care. To have people come in and give lectures and talks. To share information about, maybe, good places to buy products. Where you can get discounts. Understanding what's available, what makes sense in pet rat ownership.

Networking with people who do rescue. Networking with people that you can then trust to help with your pet rat care.

So, depending on your community, depending on where you live, depending on your interest in pet rats. Seek out and determine if there is a pet rat meet-up, or a pet rat club or an organization devoted to the ownership and care of pet rats. As well as whether there are any breeders that may be interested in hosting people. Or whether there's a small community, even if it's online, of people who enjoy owning, taking care of and sharing their lives with pet rats to allow you to expand a little bit. Get to know others.

And also, the opportunity to start an organization that promotes the care and well being of pet rats.

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