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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 19 - Piece of the Past

Check out part 20 of this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Piece of the Past mission


Jason: Willis, is that you?

Willis: Jason, I zeroed in on your friend, Keith Ramsay. A hit man who works for Hoyt purchased him. He's usually at the bar in the Shanty town.

Jason: What's the guy's name?

Willis: Buck.

Jason: So his name is Buck, and he likes to...

Man 1: Goddamn it! Don't get ahead of yourself. We'll take care of one problem at a time.

Man 2: Look, you do what you want. Me, I don't need to piss off the lunatics with the guns, okay? I'll be happy if I just make it through this year alive.

Jason: You're Buck?

Buck: Well, it's not my birthday, but you must be Christmas.

Jason: I'm here for my friend, Keith.

Buck: I'm sorry, doesn't ring a bell.

Jason: You bought him from Hoyt.

Buck: Oh, him! He said his name was...

Jason: You're hysterical.

Buck: All right then, let's get down to brass tacks. You must be Jason Brody?

Jason: Look, I just want Keith.

Buck: Jason, Jason, Jason. We're not all savages here. We're just businessmen, responsible capitalists. I've got something that you want, right? That's product. You've got something that I want.

Jason: And what the hell is that?

Buck: Temper, temper Jas, Be careful. If you do me in, you'll never get him back. Find this for me. You score that and you and I are even steven, and Keith goes with you.

Female 1: Bring me what has been lost.

Jason: I've seen this knife before.

Buck: Knife? It's not just fucking knife! It's art. There's more history in this than you and Keith four asses squeezed together. That's my fucking fee, right?

Jason: Where is it?

Buck: This treasure hunter, he knew where it was. But Vaas, he got the wanker's boat, research he was doing on some Chinese treasure and his crew. But you know what else he got?

Jason: The knife?

Buck: No, not the fucking knife. It's location. You want Keith back? Get on the goddamn boat, find out where that artifact is buried before someone else nicks it. Now on your bike, fuck off.

Man 3: Fuck, this heat!

Man 4: I'm sweating like a pig here. Fuck!

Man 5: Don't let him fly! Shit!

Man 6: Fuck him!

Man 7: That bastard keep my eyes open. Oh, my God.

Man 8: He's dead. Bastard, hit it!

Man 9: Oh yes, I see you! You don't have a chance! You... get me died.

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