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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 23 - The Motherlode

Check out part 24 of this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through The Motherlode mission


Jason: How the f...?

Buck: You, you fucker! You took your time getting here, didn't you? Personally, I'm worried that your heart's not in it anymore. But Jason, don't worry. Look at Keith. Keith just cries all the time now. Actually he's become a bit of a drag.

Jason: Just shut up!

Buck: No, no, no. We've got a little history lesson for you. Listen up. Remember Zheng He, with his treasure ships and trying to collect riches for the Ming's? Remember him? "Yes, Mr. Buck, Sir. Of course I remember." Answer that like that. Right? When I ask you a question, answer me back. All right?
Well, fucking Zheng He, he's got this captain called Lin Cong. And Lin Cong goes fucking AWOL with his ship's hold, the Chanyang, full of sparklies, right? And he settles right here. Enslaves all the locals but Zheng He, fucking Zheng He, he sinks his little empire in just a few years. What do you think happened to the treasure? Very good question, young Jason, very astute. Well, the treasure, nobody knows where it is. It is not on the boat anymore. And Lin Cong, that fucker's nowhere to be found. Treasure hunters have been after that crap ever since. Even the bloody Japs tore the island apart looking for it. But nobody knows where it is. So best not dawdle, Jas. Chin up. Good luck!

Jason: I'm in a cave-in waiting to happen.

Pirate 1: Chinese, Japanese, British, everyone's out for a piece of this island.

Pirate 2: I never stuck around kuku. This place is ours now and we are going to fucking keep it that way! God, make it stop.

Pirate 3: Check the area. Come out, come out, wherever you are. Sniper!

Pirate 4: Behind there. Hey!

Jason: Seriously not in the mood for a barbecue right now. Snipers. Got to take this slow.

Pirate 5: I got nothing. Make it more... Fuck me!

Pirate 6: Shit!

Pirate 7: Mfalme! Look out! Fire!

Jason: Now see that, got to bring the roof down.

Pirate: Oh my God! No going now.

Jason: Let me try the compass. Haha, yes! Yeah, this isn't creepy.

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