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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 24 - The Motherlode

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through The Motherlode mission


Jason: Dead end. There's got to be some way to activate it. Why do I get a bad feeling about this? Oh, no. Well, I'm not getting out that way. Wow! Another piece of the compass. This place is coming down! You put a tracker on me, didn't you?

Buck: Well, you're my favorite pupil.

Jason: Stay away from me.

Buck: Oh, you're calling the shots now, eh? Is that what you're doing? Hector, apparently I'm no longer calling the shots. So dismantle everything and slit Keith open from gut to chin, will you?

Jason: Wait, wait.

Buck: Hold on. What was that, mate?

Jason: You're calling the shots.

Buck: Ah, Hector. Good news! Apparently, I'm back in charge. Yes. Don't gut Keith. Nah. So, any closer to finding my knife yet? Hmm.

Jason: Almost there I think.

Buck: Almost there, sir.

Jason: What, are you serious? All right, all right. Almost there, sir.

Buck: Go on, put the compass piece in.

Jason: Right then. I'll sod off then, shall I? Keep safe.
Compass points down the hill.

Buck: What? No hello. Aw, that's too bad. History time.
Captain Ling Cong's tomb. Now, legend has it that this guy went all pharaoh. Got the locals to build him one before Zheng He came along and sank his little empire. But nobody knew where the tomb was but my guess is...Hmm, bon voyage, mate.

Jason: No problem, I can make that.

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