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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 28 - This Knife's for You

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the This Knife's for You mission


Dennis: My friend. Welcome back, Jason. I had nearly forgotten your face. I am glad to see you. The knife, it is in your hands?

Jason: I have it.

Citra: You return to us bearing that which has been lost. That blade spilled the blood of our ancestors. It has been conquered and the dead have been avenged. Come with me. Leave us. What is it you desire?

Jason: To save my friends.

Citra: Are you sure?

Jason: I want to kill Vaas and Hoyt.

Citra: Once, long ago, there was a lotus pond filled with clean water. The bank composed of smooth sand and the smell of blossoms moved the air. But a giant lived beneath the pond's surface, devouring any who came to its edge. A warrior from the northern kingdom heard of the giant and vowed to slay him. He painted tatau on his body and took power from the land of the dead. And when he was ready, he walked the path of the lotus pond. The giant rose from the still waters and the warrior raised his dagger. He cut the giant's head clean off his body. The skull of the giant fell to earth and became our island. The descendants of the warrior became the Rakyat, our people.

Now another giant has risen. Prove you are worthy of the tatau. Help us free our captive warriors and I will give you the power you desire.

Jason: I'll do it.

Citra: Then I will see you again soon, warrior.

Dennis: My friend. Jason! We are leading an attack against a convoy of prisoners taken by Vaas.

Jason: Wait. What's the plan?

Dennis: An ambush. Go meet the men that you will be working with. They are in Churchtown. They'll be very happy to help you.

Go to the church, Jason.

Jason: Can't wait to go home.

Male 1: Everyone, get to your positions.

Male 2: It's good you're here, Jason. Vaas's trucks pass through town. We have to plant the explosives to block the road.

Jason: Give me the C4. I'll do it.

Male 2: Hell yeah.

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