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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 33 - Payback

Check out part 34 of this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Payback mission


Jason: I'm coming for you Vaas. Jesus!

Vaas's man 1: Come on. I take what I want, when I want. This is what you get for talking back. Go on. Bend!

Woman: Thank you. You saved my life.

Vaas's man 2: These guys are weak. Why aren't we out killing Jason?

Vaas's man 3: Are you stupid? What the...?

Vaas: Surprise, motherfucker! You didn't think I knew you were coming, right? I'm so disappointed. You showed so much promise, Jason. So much fucking promise! Now here you are trapped in the boxes of life like a fucking rat. And the thing is, I did not bring you here. You walked in here by your own goddamn self! And that's what Citra does to you, right? She turns you fuckers into rats and now I have to deal with the rodent problem. But that's what brothers are good for, right? I'll pay ten grand to the first motherfucker that get me Jason Brody's nutsack.

Vaas's man 4: Jason! In there.

Vaas: Oh, Jason, Jason, Jason. You come to fuck with me in my own house for a bitch, for Citra? Don't worry, hermano. Don't worry. I don't like my family either. When you meet me, okay. When you see me, you better thank me, because I am going to free your soul. Jason, look at you. I mean look at you. Stupid motherfucking white boy. You come here in my fucking jungle and you think you're a fucking warrior. You think you know what it takes to fucking kill?

Jason: Vaas! Vaas! Where are you? Come out and face me.

Vaas: Peekaboo, motherfucker!

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