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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 34 - Payback

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Payback mission


Citra's voice: Who are you, Jason? What kind of man are you? You are strong. Powerful.

Vaas: Are you enjoying my sister's company, huh? She's going to make a warrior of you. You are so fucked, Jason. Come on, pull the trigger. Come on motherfucker. Pull the trigger! Let's go. Shoot me! You, me and her and you.

Jason: Why won't you die!

Vaas: Take me into your heart. Accept me as your savior. Nail me to the fucking cross and let me be reborn!

Jason: Citra. I won. I won.

[foreign language]

Male voice: Jason!

Citra: You fought well, warrior. Arise. Enjoy your victory.

Male voice: She's going to make a warrior out of you.

Male voice: We are so fucked, Jason.

Citra: Vaas is dead.

Citra: He left me, his tribe, his birthright. Hoyt Volker lured him away with money, drugs. He became a monster. But he was still my brother.

Jason: Hoyt will pay for what he has done, to you and to my brothers. I will bring you his head.

Citra: What of your friends?

Jason: They'll take boat back. I'm staying with you.

Citra: I am pleased to hear that. How will you kill Hoyt?

Jason: I met a spy named Willis who can sneak me onto Hoyt's island.

Citra: Clever. The Rakyat will miss you not being here.

Jason: Oh, will they?

Citra: Return to me, to my people, soon.

Dennis: Jason. You're leaving so soon?

Jason: Dennis, I...

Dennis: You're busy working with Citra? We are not unlike each other, you and I. I was once an immigrant into the United States. I worked as a mechanic in a garage. He tried to make fun of my accent. And the owner, he tried to pay me less than the other mechanics. They were not skilled. I, who was raised among the generals of Liberia. They tried to treat me less than them but I know who I am. Look at me now. Citra, she has freed me, she is with me. Good luck on your fortune, I mean, your mission, yes. This bottle is empty! I need another one, please. Quickly.

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