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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 36 - Three Blind Mice

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Three Blind Mice mission


Man 1: [foreign language]

Willis: This is your stop. Fly, Jason, fly!

Jason: Are you sure this wingsuit works?

Willis: Trust me. Just extend your arms. It's going to work.

Jason: Good luck with Russia!

Willis: I'm proud to serve my country! Ha ha!

Jason: Awesome! That was awesome! Who knows if this Sam is even real?

Holy shit! The Crazy Cock exists. Hey.

Bartender: Hey. Beer?

Jason: Yeah. I'm looking for a friend. Privateer named Sam.

Bartender: There's only one Sam I know. There's a regular poker game in the back. Hoyt's privateers mostly. You might want to think about getting yourself invited.

Man 2: Where you going?

Jason: Where do you think? To play poker.

Man 2: Don't waste your time if you can't afford the buy-in.

Jason: This enough?

Man 2: All right! You're in.

Sam: Willkommen to the game, fresh blood. Have a seat. I fold.

Jason: I'm going to all.

Steeve: I'm going to call.

Jason: I'll raise.

Karl: I call.

Steeve: I call. I'll raise you.

Jason: Let's play.

Karl: I fold.

Steeve: Man!

Jason: I needed that.

Sam: This hand bores me. I am cashing out.

Karl: Already?

Sam: You'd like me to continue playing, Karl? Should we raise the stakes?

Karl: No, no, Sam! I was just saying!

Sam: Gut!

Jason: Guess I'm done too.

Karl: No refunds!

Sam: Who do you work for?

Jason: Willis sent me!

Sam: How is he? I have been concerned about him. Hearing nothing all these years.

Jason: He's fine. I guess.

Sam: Los! Los!

Jason: Where did he go?

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