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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 38 - Doppleganger

Check out this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Doppelganger mission


Jason: The sleeves cover up the tattoos. At least that it worked. Sam, I'm good to go. Guy's ID says his name is Forster. So how am I supposed to act?

Sam: Like a Foster. Remember, be gullible. You must believe your won lie to sell it.

Man 1: All right. Hoyt's coming in for inspection of his new men. Everyone line up for processing. Prepare for scanning. Clear. Next! Come on, move forward. All right. Let's go, let's go. Move it through. Are you clear? All right, next. You're good, Foster. Psst! You want to make some dough?

Jason: Fuck yeah. Why do you think I'm here?

Man 1: A local boss named Vaas has just been killed. His empire's open for business. His boys are making money hand over fist, so why shouldn't we?

Jason: What about Hoyt?

Man 1: Hoyt's got bigger concerns. It's a fucking buffet right now. But the food won't last long so might as well eat, right?

Jason: Damn straight. ( It's fucking heat!)

Man 1: Okay, go watch the speech. Hey, tell anybody about our conversation, you're fucking dead.

Man 2: How is it going?

Jason: How is it going?

Hoyt: Ah. My rosy-cheeked new employees. I'm not going to lie, we're all here to make a buck. But it's the happiness of my people that gets me up each morning.

My father, rest his soul, was a diamond miner. Got up the crack of dawn each morning, smoked a cigarette and down into the earth he went. For that wonderful, wonderful man, the company was God. I bring that same reverence to my humble business here. And I expect all of you to do the same.

Now, there are only three company rules you have to follow. First, protect my product. You can fuck them boys, but be gentle. Second, kill any native on sight. And finally all profits go to me. I'm an understanding boss, but if you break one of these rules, I roast you in the furnace until your skin crackles like chicken.

Right, enough talk. Those savages want to destroy my life's work. My pride and joy. Show them we mean business. Ah, I almost forgot, we have a special on this month: your very own island for the head of Jason Brody.

Jason: Hey.

Man 1: Hey, just don't get caught.

Man 3: That last contact we had was real...

Jason: Sam, I just got off the boat.

Sam: Now you can walk among the privateers. But do not let them observe you doing suspicious things. Like killing, strangling, bombing, electrocuting. Bluff them, Jason.

Jason: One of Hoyt's men offered me a way in. A group of traitors planning to steal from Hoyt. I'm thinking, I kill these guys, Hoyt trusts me.

Sam: Ah, yes. The Dresden Shuffle. The best choice. It would have been quicker to kill Jason Brody, but that is off the table, ya? I have monitored the traitors from the inside. They've got three captains, one of whom might be carrying a roll sheet logging all their members. Kill them, acquire the sheet and I will make sure Hoyt knows what a good soldier you are.

Jason: Where are they based?

Sam: An old temple. I'll give you the coordinates.

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