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Far Cry 3 Walkthrough Part 39 - Triple Decker

Check out part 40 of this walkthrough for Far Cry 3 by Ubisoft and learn how to get through the Triple Decker mission


Jason: Now, for that role sheet. Let's take care of those captains.

Male 1: Watch your step.

Male 2: Do you have to be up here, man?

Male 3: How's it going?

Jason: How'd this place get so jacked up? Can you imagine growing up here?

Male 4: Yeah, I hear you buddy.

Jason: I hear this place was big in the '80's.

Male 4: Big money.

Jason: Yeah, well...nothing lasts forever. At least this ain't that island with dinosaurs on it.

Male 5: Mind your business, recruit.

Jason: I'm sweating my ass off. You know what I need? I need a good bed

Male 4: Yeah, that works more than this bullshit.

Jason: I'm sweating my ass off!

Male 6: Hey.

Jason: Oh, I hope it doesn't rain. Nothing! I could use a cold one. Still nothing! The last guy better be carrying something.

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