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How to Add Value to Your Home Cheaply

Find out which inexpensive home decorating projects add value to your house from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


So there's a lot of do it yourself projects out there. But which ones add the most value to your home? So painting is an inexpensive do it yourself project and it adds a lot of value. But it also makes this place look really dramatic and really beautiful. Just make sure to use your painter's tape. Another project that really adds some value is molding. You have to be careful when doing crown molding. That you're going to need a little bit of a expertise to.

But when you're doing more of the chair round molding that you'd find in a traditional home, sometimes you do see it in modern homes, but more in a transitional, traditional home and that will split a room, and add some emphasis into the architecture of our home. That's pretty easy to do. And you can add that to a dining room, a bedroom or a living room.

You can even add the paint where it's darker on the bottom and lighter on top and it makes your place feel more stately and interesting. Another thing you can do is add dimmer switches to all of your light switchers. You can again, buy those for a couple of dollars at your big box store, add them on. It's really inexpensive and easy to do. Just remember it's all these little things that people pay attention to that add value and it doesn't take a lot of work to get them done, either.

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