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Room Decorating Ideas for Couples

Get some room decorating ideas for couples from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


So when bridging the sexes, literally you have male and female, but you want to make sure that you're decorating for both of them, not just one. If you ever go into a room and there's a lot of light and pink and floral's, and it's just strictly female. Or everything is heavy and straight lines and it's dark and it's very male.

You want to make sure that both sexes are represented here. Make sure that they both have a say. So what I like to do is I say to a client "You pick one as the female. You pick one design element as the male, and then together you're going to have to agree on the third design detail." And that way, both their voices are heard, but at the same time they're designing together.

So for instance, if he really loves modern and she really loves traditional, maybe we'll have him pick some of the furnishings, but we'll have her pick some of the artwork and the window treatments. And then they'll come together on the coloration, so we'll put a couple of colors out and then both of you can decide on that. Just make sure that you're not alienating either one, because you both live there. You want to make sure that your design represents who you are as a family and as a unit.

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