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How to Decorate a White Wall without Painting

Learn how to decorate white walls without painting them from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


Decorating white walls when you really can't use paint is a common issue with a lot of people. Especially if you live in apartments, where you rent space, instead of buying your own home or you have offices. So if you're renting, which I have done plenty of times and you really can't paint the walls, some easy tricks you can do is artwork.

Artwork is an easy way to decorate any wall. You can take it with you. Another thing that you can use is fabric. You can put a rod up against the wall and just use curtains and then you have a fabric wall that not only adds dimension, it adds warmth. It adds texture. But also you can take it with you, and you don't have to repaint, which is always a nice added feature.

Another thing you can use is that nowadays, and what's become really popular are these wall decals, wall decals you can find on the internet. And basically, you just buy different textures and colors that you like and you can put it on any wall. They peel off when you want to leave. They don't leave any residue or anything sticky on the walls.

And it's a great way to add like I said, graphics and different textures and add some oomph to a room that you don't normally get, even from paint. These are three added ways that you can accessorize your wall without painting your wall, and it saves you not only time, but it also saves you some elbow grease.

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