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Should You Paint the Wall First or the Ceiling?

Learn if you should paint the wall first or the ceiling first from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


So paint you think it's pretty general, you just put it on the wall and it's easy, right? But there are a couple of tricks that you need to know when painting a room. One of the first things is ceilings and walls, which ones do you paint first? Ceilings by the way, even the best experts in the painting arena hate painting ceilings, why? Because it's really messy. It's hard. It's labor some. You're painting above you.

It takes a lot of expertise and it really takes a lot of like oomph to get it done. But painting your ceiling is the first thing you want to do, because it's going to get everywhere and it's going to splatter. So make sure you put your drop cloths down and then you paint your ceiling, because it will literally get all over everything. Once your ceiling is done, then you can tape off the ceiling. Make sure it's dry enough that you can put your painter's tape around the perimeter.

Second to that, you would paint your walls. The walls then you don't have to worry about getting it on your ceiling, because everything that is up comes down. So remember ceilings first, walls second. And then if you need to add something, like do the trim work or add any accent painting, then you can layer that on top of the wall. But you always want to start with the ceiling first. Trust me, once you do it you'll understand why I told you so.

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