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What Are the Best Interior Paint Color Combinations?

Discover the best interior paint color combinations from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


So when you're painting your space, just remember that you want balance and by balance I mean that if you go with a darker color, offset it with a lighter color. Don't be afraid to go with a navy blue, just remember then the pieces that go in the space, maybe you want to go with a white to balance it out.

Some of the color combinations that I have used that I think always work well are you go for the lighter, softer blues, the softer greens always work, and the creams. Golds, nothing too harsh. Some people think that to go really bold you have to go with a very basic color hue. Like if it's yellow, it's school bus yellow.

No, you can go with a softer yellow and then maybe offset it with a charcoal grey. Always remember, it's like how you get dressed in the morning. You want to balance a light with a darker. You really can't go wrong like that.

So if you have a navy blue, you never want to really put a charcoal grey with it. Leave the crazy different color combinations to the experts and when you have help, it'll be an easier run. But when you're on your own doing it, always stay basic.

Lighter blues, lighter greens and creams, and maybe throw in a dash of a dark or bold color and do it in the accents. You never want to do the whole room. That'll scare yourself really easily. Just use it as an accent, stick with your softer colors as the main tones and you can't go wrong.

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