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DIY Home Decor Wall Art

Learn about some great DIY wall art from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


So do it yourself, especially in wall art, doesn't mean that it has to look cheesy. In fact, it's one of the elements in a home where you can get away with just about anything and it looks like a million bucks, literally. I like the use of for instance, shadow boxes, they are frames that have a deeper interior. So that you can do things like putting on a really beautiful broach and framing those. I love antique broaches that you would find in a garage sale or something like a piece of jewelry, or a collector's item. Some people collect coins, some people buttons, different things like even bottle caps, you can turn into art work. I love using shadow boxes for just that reason.

Fabric is another thing that's really graphic and looks amazing on anybody's walls. So if you have maybe a yard of left over fabric that you used to recover a chair or; let's say you had bedding or you know, a pillow that just has seen its better days and now is worn out; instead of throwing it out, cut a piece out and then even if it's frayed, it has that kind of like that shabby chic or vintage look. Frame it in a really inexpensive frame and then you're done.

Also, another thing that you can use as wall art are tapestries. You can hang your fabric or even a rug as your wall art. Maybe the rug, you don't want to use anymore as a rug, you want to give it new life. Hang it as your wall art. There's so many different ways to add accents your walls. So you really don't have to spend a ton of money. Always think up something that's really personal to you and it'll make your space feel unique. It will also be inexpensive and it's a really cool weekend project.

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