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How to Decorate a Modern Kids Room

Learn some creative, modern home decor ideas for kids rooms from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


So children's rooms are a lot of fun, why? Because they don't have to be as strict and boring as adult rooms. As we get older we kind of get a little boring and we're afraid to take chances. Not so with children's rooms. This is where you have imagination and then you want to foster their creativity. So think high energy colors. You know it's not in the days, as it used to be, where boys were blue and girls were pink, and they were soft blues and soft pinks and that was it.

So now you have if you go pink, you're going hot pink mixed with these vibrant oranges and yellows, and if you're going boys, why go blue? You can go with a lime green, with purple mixed in, and you can go with chocolates, mixed with very high octane colors. You know have a lot of fun with it and also know that functionality comes first with kid's rooms, but imagination always takes over.

You can use items that you wouldn't normally use. So instead of a window treatment that you would go buy from the store, why not use some of - if you have a little girl - some of her old dresses and put them together and kind of sew them together and make a valance. Hang it over a rod. Maybe some of their artwork that they do in school. Frame it and put that on the wall.

I even love, for instance, chalkboard paint. It's literally paint that you paint on the wall and the children can write all over. I mean you don't have to tell your children not to mark up the wall anymore, because now they literally are allowed to write all over their walls. So remember to have imagination, remember to have functionality and let the kids pick their wall color.

I mean why does it have to be a color that you want. This is their zone. This is their space. Help them to make it their own and they're going to like being in their room and they're going to like being home. So do something together with them as a family unit, but make sure that the room is a representation of who they are and kind of who they want to be.

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