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Country Decorating Ideas

Pick up some country decorating ideas from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


The great thing about country decorating is that really you can take something, literally off the road, and put it in your house and it looks really amazing. You know, whether it be a wheel axle from an old stagecoach or a log that you want to use as a table. I mean basically, you can pretty much can have inspiration anywhere.

The great thing about country as well, is that it's a layering effect when it comes to fabrics. You have checked floral and you have big floral, and you have stripe and you have tone on tone. Country isn't about being so serious and it's about mixing the different textures and the different graphics together. It's also about warm woods and that it doesn't all have to be matchy-matchy.

You don't need to all go dark wood or light wood. It's a nice medium warm tone and it's worn pieces. It's floor boards that have been worn through with worm holes and things like that. There's crocheting. It's a little bit on the shabby chic side, but not so messy. There's still some clean lines to it, and it's got some really great wood elements, so it's very woodsy.

There's a lot of pattern going on and think a little vintage, old like that worn jean jacket that you've been wearing for a really long time or like those cowboy boots that you would put on, think those type of leathers. You never want it to be too perfect, and then you're on your way to going country.

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