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How to Arrange Furniture in a Studio Apartment

Learn how to arrange furniture in a studio apartment from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


So I really love small spaces probably more than big spaces, which is probably opposite from what most people like. But the reason I love small spaces is because, you really see everything from one area. You can be in bed or eating and everything is one little, small comfortable zone.
Just remember that you need to function a couple different ways in this room.

So you need to eat. You need to be able to watch TV, you know, sleep. But it all doesn't have to be the way, traditionally you would think. You don't have to have a bed against the wall and then the table against the other wall and so on. You can actually have fabric panels that separate different quadrants, which I like to do.

You can literally hang a rod from the ceiling and just hang a panel of fabric or curtains. You can section off, for instance, at the edge of your bed you can have a fabric panel, so that stops your bedroom, in essence. And then you can have your kitchen table on the other side, a very small, two-seater table and now it's your kitchen zone.

And then you can have a very small love seat, but that's your living room. Have a comfortable little rug. Remember because it's a studio apartment, you can kind of get more luxurious in the items that you choose, because it's a small amount that you're buying. So spend a little more on a really comfortable rug. Spend a little bit more on one great piece of artwork. Spend a little bit more on the thread count of your sheets.

Even when you have the back splash of the tile, you don't have a lot of space that you have to cover, so get everything that you love. You're just buying a small amount of it. It's an opportunity, instead of a roadblock and that's why I love small apartments. I just think that studios, small spaces, they give you a great opportunity to really accentuate what you love. A bigger space doesn't really give you that opportunity, so make use of your assets.

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