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How to Place Furniture on a Rug

Learn how to place furniture on a rug from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


So you would think that this wouldn't be a big issue, but it actually is, even among designers that are my peers. Which is how to place your furniture on an area rug. I know it sounds really mundane, but it's actually, there are some tricks to it. You want to make sure that your rug is either one or two ways. Actually one of three ways to be honest with you.

It can either go everything is on the rug, so the rug actually goes a couple of inches past the furniture. Make sure that you have a clear walkway. That your rug is not half in your walkway, so that people aren't tripping on it as a hazard. Another way which is my favorite is that you have the front two legs of the furniture pieces on the rug.

So if you have it as an area rug, you have your sofa front two legs on. Maybe you have a chair catty corner with it's two front legs on, and your coffee table is completely on the area rug. That way you have a nice perimeter of flooring around the rug. It makes it feel like the furniture it a part of the room. It's not held hostage against the walls and it really feels warm and inviting.

The third way is not my favorite, but it is done. Is that the area rug is in front of the furniture pieces. It's not under the furniture. It's not behind the furniture. It literally sits under the coffee table for the most part, and then it goes right up to the furniture pieces. This is not my favorite. But like I said, it is done and it is an option. The best one I really feel is when you have two feet on and two feet off.

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