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How to Decorate a Mantel with Mirrors

Learn how to decorate a mantel with mirrors from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


Usually when you have a fireplace mantel, one of the things that people use to decorate these mantels are mirrors. I love a mirror. What person doesn't love a mirror, especially girls? So mirrors over a mantel, you can do that a couple of different ways. You can have one big mirror and call it a day. I mean that's classic and everybody loves it.

Or you can have a little bit more fun with it. You could have multiple mirrors, and so it's almost like different windows into the soul right above the mantel. Make it a little bit more interesting. What I personally love to do is I love to hang a mirror, a very large mirror over the mantel, and instead of keeping it boring and classic, go a little bit extra and start layering your mirrors.

So you have a very large mirror over the mantel, it's hung on the wall. Then you have a medium mirror of a totally different look. Maybe it's gilded. Maybe it's painted, and you have that off to the side a little bit, and then maybe you have another smaller mirror. Again, three's are really important, because it gives you that context. It gives you that layering. It makes it feel like you didn't try too hard but you tried just enough.

They can be different. They can be totally different in color. They can be totally different in the way that the frame looks. But I think it's a really interesting way to dress up the mantel, and at the end of the day, it's the layering in the room that makes the most and the biggest impression. So starting with your mantel as a focal point is really the first start to any room.

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