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How to Decorate Your Kitchen

Pick up some home decorating ideas for the kitchen from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


So the kitchen is the heart of the home, so everybody says. But it really is true, because the kitchen is the first place anybody looks, if you want your resale value. It's the first placed everybody hangs out in when there's a party or there's guests over and the whole family congregate there. So some of the things you want to pay attention in the kitchen are counter tops. I love stone, when possible. It is not only durable, but it looks amazing. Stainless steel or upgraded appliances, like your stove and your refrigerator, and you don't have to go crazy, because you can get these second hand. You don't have to buy them brand new.

Kitchen cabinetry is a place where you can either go really simple and just keep it elegant or if you want to add pops of color, maybe do a darker tone on the bottom of your cabinetry, but the upper cabinets, maybe you keep a lighter tone. So you don't have to keep them the same. Other areas are tile. So let's say you want the floor tile to be just fade away. Always go for a larger floor tile, maybe a 20 x 20 or a 24 x 24, it'll make your space seem bigger, less grout lines and will cost less. But your back splash, add your personality into.

You can do anything from a very small mosaic, to a really large title that just shows like "This is me and this is my kitchen." Then the last thing that you want to pay attention to is lighting, because you want to make sure you have lighting in your ceiling, maybe some recessed cans, and that lighting is going to make sure that when you're doing tasks, such as chopping vegetables or cooking, that you can pay attention to that. So lighting, materials, scale, all very important when doing your kitchen, and looking for not only where you live now, but also for resale value.

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