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Window Treatment Do's & Don'ts

Learn the do's and don'ts of window treatments from interior designer Blanche Garcia in this Howcast video.


So window treatments are literally the windows to the soul, in your home at least. So when you're thinking about your window treatments some factors are material, and also the type of style that you want to use. Material is, is that, let's say it gets really cold in your house and you want the window treatment to add, as kind of a barrier between the outside elements and inside.

So you want to stick to materials that are like velvet's, maybe cottons, a brocade, nubby materials that really add warmth not only visually, but also insulation-wise. If you're not worried about that, and you have newer windows, and you want it light and airy, then maybe you go for the silks or you go for synthetic silks that aren't real silks.

Because silk is really hard to maintain. If you get it wet, it stains and it's really temperamental. So sometimes the faux silks are really great and they have a really nice hand to them. Texture, pay attention to that. Style is really important, so if you have an elongated window treatment from ceiling to floor it makes the eye look up and it makes your ceilings appear taller.

But if you want something that just keeps it out of the way, like in a kitchen over a table and you don't want a lot of material when there's food around, make sure that you have, like maybe like a Roman shade or blind that kind of goes down just to the base of the window sill. Also be aware of your patterns, so a big bold pattern can make a room feel larger in a sense.

A nice little tight-knit pattern is really pretty, and it just fades away to the back. Windows treatments throughout history have been known to really add, the added touch at the end of the decor of your space. Make sure to pay attention to it, because it can really change the way, not only a room feels, but also the way a room looks.

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