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How to Decorate with Fabric Panels

Learn how to decorate with fabric panels in this interior design video from Howcast.


So fabric panels and when you use them for window treatments, they come in different lengths. You can get them custom-made, which is usually a lot pricier then most people would like to spend. But if it's something that you're really adding and updating a house and you want something that's custom, your not finding a fabric that you like, then definitely go custom.

Semi-custom and ready made's are one's that come in either stock fabrics, so maybe you'll have a choice of five or you'll have a choice of twenty. Then you let the store know which length that you want. If it's a ready made panel it's usually going to come in about a couple of different standard lengths. It'll be like a 36, a 63, a 96 inch. If they are semi-custom then you kind of tell them what length that you want them to be at.

So you'll pick your window treatment. It'll come in certain stock fabrics, but then you'll let them know, "Hey, by the way I would like it at a 82 instead of a 84." When you're doing your window panels, make sure that length is a big consideration. For instance, if your window comes down to let's say, 63 inch off of the ceiling, you want your panels to hit just at the window sill not really above it. You want to make sure it hit's the molding that's right underneath the window.

That's a nice little tailored look and it's very casual. If you want something that elongates the room then you go to the floor, and you can either just dust the floor, which means it just hits the floor with the window panel or you can puddle it a little bit with a couple of inches, just so you have a little more of a luxurious look. But either way you can have one that elongates the room, or you have something a little bit more casual.

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