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How to Do a Side Lunge to Curtsy

Learn how to do a side lunge to curtsy from personal trainer Layla Luciano in this Howcast thighs workout video.


Hey, I'm Layla and this is how you do a side lunge to a curtsy lunge. So, to start, you're going to start off with a side lunge. Your side lunge, you're going to have one leg completely straight. The other leg is going to bend. You're going to step out to the side. With one leg, you're going to come down all the way in your lunge. Making sure your knees align with your ankle, you shoot your hips all the way back.

Then, as you come up, you're going to press through your opposite leg and bring that foot that you just did the lunge with all the way back behind you for a curtsy lunge. So, again, I'll demonstrate. Take it all the way out to the side. Make sure you shoot those hips back, and then you're going to drive through the other leg and go right into a curtsy lunge straight down.

So, this moves targets both legs here, both thighs. You're going to feel this in your quads, your inner thighs, the gluts, the hamstrings, the entire thigh area here. So, one more time, you're going to bring it all the way out to the side. Shoot those hips back and nice and deep on this side, whichever side is doing the lunge. Then you're going to take that foot all the way back behind you. Sit straight down in your curtsy lunge.

So, again, making sure you press the weight back in the heel, then you align with the ankle, sit straight down in it and then take it back up. I recommend doing about ten to 12 on each side. This is a great exercise to target the entire thigh area. That's how you do the side lunge and the curtsy lunge.

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