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How to Do a Single Leg Squat with Kickback

Learn how to do a single leg squat with kickback from personal trainer Layla Luciano in this Howcast thighs workout video.


Hey, I'm Layla and this is the single leg squat with a kick back. This exercise is great for targeting both legs at the same time. Whichever leg you start out with for your single leg squat, I'm going to start out with my right, that leg is going to be really focused. Your quads and your inner thighs are really going to be targeted here as you do your single leg squat and then as you do your kick back on the opposite leg you're really going to be targeting your glut area. So for your single leg squat you're going to make sure all your weight is in one leg. As you squat down you push the weight back into that heel as if you're sitting down in a chair. You take the opposite leg back with you. So you squat all the way down and as you come up you're going to come all the way back up, take that back leg and do a little kick back so all you're doing is raising that leg back behind you. From this position start off with your single leg squat, just squat straight down, keeping the weight back in the back of that leg. You're going to feel this in that quad, the glut, the hamstring on that side and then as you stand up, you're going to stand straight up, do a kick back with the opposite leg, just like that. So squat down, stand up and kick back. Make sure when you do your kick back, you're standing up straight, you're not leaning forward this way because you're going to lose all the tension from the glut. So you want to stand straight up and kick back with that opposite leg. And that's how you do the single leg squat with a kick back.

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