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How to Do a Backward Lunge with a Front Kick

Learn how to do a backward lunge with a front kick from personal trainer Layla Luciano in this Howcast thighs workout video.


Hey. I'm Layla and I'm going to show you the backward lunge with a front kick.

So, this exercise it's really great to add a little fun to your workout. You want to kick somebody or something, this will be perfect.

You're going to start off with your feet together. And then we're going to go right into our backward lunge.

So, you start off with those feet together. You take a step back with whichever leg you're doing your lunge with. Stepping back into your lunge. Sit straight down in your lunge.

The knee stays aligned with the ankle on that front leg. You're going to keep the weight loaded in your heel on that front side. So you just lunge straight down.

Now, as you come up you're going to take that back leg and do a front kick with it.

So, you're lunging down then you're standing straight up. Taking that back leg and doing a front kick with it. And standing back together.

So, altogether. You step back. Backward lunge. Front kick. And then step together.

So, you can do that continuously, just the backward lunge. Kick, backward lunge, kick. Just like that.

Or, if you're more of a beginner you can take it slower. Lunge straight down. Kick. Then step back to the starting position.

So, this is a great exercise for those thighs. You have your quads, your gluts, your hamstrings. All is working in that lunge.

And then, as you kick up, you're getting power from that thigh area. So this is a great cardio toning exercise for your leg workout routine.

And that's how you do the backward lunge with a front kick.

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