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How to Do a Diagonal Lunge

Learn how to do a diagonal lunge from personal trainer Layla Luciano in this Howcast thighs workout video.


Hey. I'm Layla and I'm going to show you how to do the diagonal lunge.

So, the diagonal lunge is similar to regular lunge except you're going to step your foot out a little bit more out to the side.

So, you're going to start off standing with both feet together. Imagine like you're standing in a clock. You're going to take your right foot and you're going to step it back to about five o'clock so it's not directly behind you. It's a little bit more out to the side.

So, you're going to take it, step it back into a lunge here. You're going to take that, the weight all the way back into that front heel. Make sure the knee is aligned with the ankle and you're just going to sit straight down.

So, as you see my back foot is a little bit more out to the side than a normal lunge. A normal lunge you would be like this. In this diagonal lunge you're a little bit more out to the side.

You'll take it straight down and up. Like that, then you take it back to the starting position.

So again, you're going to take that leg out to about five o'clock if you were standing in the center of a clock. Take it out to that five o'clock position. Lunge down and then back.

So, you can do ten to 12 reps on either side. Or, you can alternate legs. Take it right. Step forward. Then take it left.

But just make sure that you're not stepping straight back behind you. You want to step out to the side a little bit more.

And this is going to really get into those inner thighs and those quads, especially on the back leg that's stepping out a little bit more diagonally.

You're also working your gluts and your hamstrings on that front leg when you're down in your lunge here. Keeping your weight in your heel.

And that's how you do a diagonal lunge.

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