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How to Do a Frog Squat

Learn how to do a frog squat from personal trainer Layla Luciano in this Howcast thighs workout video.


Hey, I'm Layla and I'm going to show you how to do the frog squat. So, in your frog squat, you're going to have your feet shoulder-width apart. Your toes are slightly turned outside a little bit less than 45 degrees, and we're just going to start off squatting all the way down. So, I'll show you from this angle. You're going to be all the way down here.

Now, this is pretty much where you're going to stay the entire time. All you're going to be moving are your hips and your butt up and down just from this position. So, you're going to take your hips up halfway and then take it right back down. Take it up halfway and then take it right back down. So, this exercise really targets those quads, the gluts, the back of the legs.

You're going to feel that burning the entire time throughout the quads. This is a great exercise to really tone that front thigh area. Staying down in that position is really going to give all that tension to just that quad area, and you're going to feel that burning sensation throughout the whole thing. So I would say ten to 12 reps is good. You can even do this in a timed interval-type routine.

You can just hold it down here and then take your butt halfway up and down. You can do this for about 30 seconds. You're going to feel that burning right away. I'm already feeling it. Make sure when you're in this position your butt is all the way back, and that's how you do the frog squat.

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