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How to Do a Dead Lift

Learn how to do a dead lift from personal trainer Layla Luciano in this Howcast thighs workout video.


Hey, I'm Layla and this is how you do a dead lift. So, for you dead lift, we're going to be focused on targeting the back of the legs, the back of the thigh area, so the hamstring and the butt. So, I recommend doing this with weights. It makes it a little bit more challenging. You can do it without weights if you want, but I would suggest with the weights.

So you're going to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forward. Make sure that your shoulders are rolled back, your chest is up and your abs are tight. So we're going to take those weights straight forward in front of us, and we're going to push our hips all the way back keeping the legs straight. Slight bend in the knees, very, very slight.

Take those weights all the way down. You're going to feel that deep stretch throughout the back of the leg right here, that hamstring area, and then you're going to come all the way back up, pressing through those heels. As you come up, you're going to squeeze your butt and tuck it up and under just like that. So, as you come down make sure that your shoulders are rolled back and your chest is up.

When you come down don't start slouching over like that. Shoulders back, chest up, you stick your hips all the way back at that deep stretch in the hamstrings, and then dig through those heels to take it up squeezing your butt up and under. So, altogether, take it all the way down and up, down and up, just like that. That's how you do a dead lift.

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